Citroen C3 XTR 1.6 2006

Kalduon - Modifié le 24 févr. 2024 à 15:05

Hello friends, I encountered a problem when I was checking the sunroof motor wires for a 2006 Citroen C3 xtr 1.6, I checked the fuse box next to the battery and did not find any fault. I also checked the fuse box located to the left and under the steering wheel and did not find any fault either. Can someone help me with that!! Is there a fuse somewhere that is not in the fuse box, or is there another malfunction? I hope you can help me.

Two electrical wires at the electric socket for the sunroof motor touched each other and a spark appeared, after which the electricity was cut off from the sunroof, front windows and electric mirrors.

my regards